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Legend of Zelda

BOTW Shrine Maps – Legend of Zelda




If you’ve been wondering how many shrines are there in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we are here to help. There are actually exactly 120 shrines located in the game. If you have been having trouble finding them all, we have a special guide prepared for you to help you locate them all with this BOTW Shrine Map.

Some of them are in plain sight and are very easy to find, but many of them are elusive and can be hard to locate.

Each puzzle shrine contains one Treasure Chest and a Spirit Orb. These will significantly aid you in your conquest as collecting 4 Spirit Orbs will enable you to expand your Heart Containers or Stamina.

In order to help you better understand where the shrines are, we’ve organized them based on geographical locations within the map. Note, the 120 shrines are the base ones and are not included in the BOTW shrine map without DLC.

Akkala Shrine Map (8 Shrines)


In this region, you will find 8 shrine maps. The Ritaag Zumo shrine requires you to complete the “Into the Vortex” side quest to open it first. While the Tatsuwa Nima shrines require you to have Dinraal’s scale in order to activate it.

  • Dah Hesho
  • Katosa Aug
  • Ke’nai Shakah
  • Ritaag Zumo
  • TuKa’loh
  • Tutsuwa Nima
  • Ze Kasho
  • Zuna Kai

Dueling Peaks Shrine Map (9 shrines)

BOTW-dueling peaks shrines

In the Dueling Peaks Tower shrine map, you will find 9 shrines in total. However, the Hila Rao shrine will require you to complete the “Watch out for the Flowers” quest first to access it. Lakna Roke is one of the most time-consuming Shrines in the game and requires you to finish a bunch of quests first in Kakariko Village.

  • Bosh Kala
  • Ha Dahamar
  • Hila Rao
  • LaknaRokee
  • ReeDahee –
  • SheeVaneth
  • SheeVaneer
  • Ta’lohNaeg
  • Toto Sah

Central Hyrule Shrine Map (8 shrines)

BOTW-Central Hyrule-shrines-map

In the Central Hyrule Tower area, you will be able to seek 8 shrines. None of them requires you to complete a side mission to enter.

  • KaamYa’tak
  • KatahChuki
  • Kaya Wan
  • NamikaOzz
  • Noya Neha
  • SaasKo’sah
  • WahgoKatta
  • Rota Ooh

Eldin Mountains Shrine Map (9 shrines)


In the Eldin Mountains Tower area, you will find 9 shrines. The Gorae Torr shrine will firstly require you to complete the “Gut Check Challenge” set by Bayage. The Kayra Mah shrine will be accessible after completing the “A Brother’s Roast” quest given by Bladon in Goron City. Finally, the Tah Muhl shrine is related to the “A Landscape of a Stable” quest that requires completion.

  • DaqaKoh
  • GoraeTorr
  • KayraMah
  • Mo’aKeet
  • Qua Raym
  • SahDahaj
  • Shae Mo’sah
  • Shora Hah
  • TahMuhl

Gerudo Highlands Shrine Map (7 shrines)


The Gerudo Highlands Tower shrine map for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has 7 shrines. You will not need to complete any side quests to enter them.

  • Dah Kaso
  • Joloo Nah –
  • KeehaYoog
  • KemaKosassa
  • KuhTakkar
  • Sasa Kai
  • ShoDantu

Faron Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines)


The Faron Tower region hosts 8 shrines. The Kah Yah shrine will ask of you to complete the “A Fragment Monument” quest first while gaining access to Quakah Nata demands that you finish the “A Song of Storms” quest in order to trigger it.

  • Kah Yah
  • Korgu Chideh
  • Muwo Jeem
  • Qukah Nata
  • Shai Utoh
  • ShodaSah
  • Tawa Jinn
  • Yah Rin

Great Plateau Shrine Map (4 shrines)


There are only 4 shrines available in the Greater Plateau Tower region and all of them are easily visible and accessible without any added quests needed.

  • Ja Baij
  • KehNamut
  • Oman Au
  • OwaDaim

Hateno Village Shrine Map (7 shrines)


The Hateno Village Tower area holds 7 shrines available. One of them, Kam Urog, needs the “Cursed Statue” quest to be resolved in order to access it.

  • Chaas Qeta
  • Dow Na’eh
  • Jitan Sa’mi
  • Kam Urog
  • Mezza Lo
  • Myahm Agana
  • Tahno O’ah

Hebra Mountains Shrine Map (13 Shrines)


The Hebra Mountains Tower has the most shrines in its area with 13 available. Although some shrines will be a bit hard to reach and require gliding, only the Qaza Tokki shrine will require you to complete the “Trial on the Cliff” quest to reach it.

  • Dunba Taag
  • Gee Ha’rah
  • Goma Asaagh
  • Hia Miu
  • Lanno Kooh
  • Maka Rah
  • Mozo Shenno
  • Qaza Tokki
  • Rin Oyaa
  • Rok Uwog
  • Sha Gehma
  • Shada Naw
  • To Quomo

Lake Hylia Map (6 shrines)


The Lake Hylia tower shrine map counts only 6 shrines. But in order to reach Shae Katha shrine, you will need to bring the Farosh’s Scales with you. Also, the Shoq Tatone shrine demands that you complete the “Guardian Slideshow” shrine quest first to gain access.

  • Ishto Soh
  • Ka’o Makagh
  • Pumaag Nitae
  • Shae Katha
  • Shoqa Tatone
  • Ya Naga

Lanayru Wetlands Shrine Map (8 shrines)


The Lanayru Wetlands are counts 8 shines in total and only one of them requires a side quest to be accessed. To gain access to the Shai Yota shrine you have to complete the “Master of the Wind” side quest.

  • Dagah Keek
  • Daka Tuss
  • Kah Mael
  • Ne’ez Yohma
  • Rucco Maag
  • Shai Yota
  • Sheh Rata
  • Soh Kofi

Hyrule Ridge (7 shrines)


The Hyrule Ridge part has 7 shrines but you will need to track through the mountains to get to some of them. As for side quests, only the Sheem Dagoze shrine will need you to complete the “Two Rings” quest first.

  • Maag No’rah
  • Mijah Rokee
  • Mogg Latan
  • Shae Loya
  • Sheem Dagoze
  • Toh Yahsa
  • Zalta Wa

Tabantha Frontier (6 shrines)


Even though the Tabantha Frontier only has 6 shrines to offer, reaching the Voo Lota shrine can be a bit tricky to achieve. You need to defeat the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and find all three sisters before you go on to complete the musical test.

  • Akh Va’quot
  • Bareeda Naag
  • Kah Okeo
  • Sha Warvo
  • Tena Ko’sah
  • Voo Lota

Gerudo Desert Shrine Map (12 shrines)


The Gerudo Desert region is the second region with the most shrines in it. It counts a total of 12 of them. Bu the Korsh O’hu quest requires you to speak to Rotana nearby Gerudo Town in order to start the “The Seven Heroines” quest. Also, entering the Misae Suma shrine will need you to finish the “Perfect Drink” quest as you need to gain entrance to Gerudo Town by being dressed as a woman.

  • Dako Tah
  • Daqo Chisay
  • Dila Maag
  • Hawa Koth
  • Jee Noh
  • Kay Noh
  • Kema Zoos
  • Korsh O’hu
  • Misae Suma
  • Raqa Zunzo
  • Suma Sahma
  • Tho Kayu

Woodland (8 shrines)


In the Woodland area, you will find 8 shrines available. The Ketoh Wawai shrine will demand that you finish the “Shrouded Shrine” quest for you to gain entrance first. While getting to the Kuhn Sidajj shrine will trigger the “Trial of Second Sight” quest that requires completion. Finally, entering the Maag Halan shrine will require you to find Damia who will give you the “The Test of Wood” quest that you will need to complete before being able to enter.

  • Daag Chokah
  • Keo Ruug
  • Ketoh Wawai
  • Kuhn Sidajj
  • Maag Halan
  • Mirro Shaz
  • Monya Toma
  • Rona Kachta
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