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Kythera Artifact Guide – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey




What is Kythera Artifact in Assassins Creed Odyssey?

The Kythera Artifact is one of 4 “Pieces of Eden” you need to find to open The Gates of Atlantis. A very little is given about their locations and you need to solve a series of scattered quests to find them. However, you first need to complete a quest called “A Family Legacy” on Thera Island (having discovered Atlantis and spoke with Pythagoras). You won’t be able to trigger any of “The Gates of Atlantis” quests and find the Kythera Artifact if you don’t meet with Pythagoras first.

To find the Kythera Artifact you need to meet with Pythagoras first

First You Need to Trigger “A Family’s Legacy Quest”?

This quest is a side quest in Assassins Creed Odyssey and you need to finish it first to trigger the series of events that lead to the “Gates of Atlantis” and the Kythera Artifact.

The recommended level for this quest is 27. You will find it in the region of Thera (Volcanic Islands). You are required to beat “United Front” Main Quest in Story Sequence 7.

This quest will lead you to your true father Pythagoras and it will open the road to the Atlantis.

Gates of Atlantis Objectives

Kythera Fight the Cyclops

  • Find all 4 artifacts
  • One is in Boeotia (Fight the Sphinx)
  • One is in Kythera (Fight the Cyclops)
  • One is in Lesbos (Fight Medusa)
  • One is in Messara (Fight the Minotaur)
  • Return the artifacts to Atlantis
  • Seal Atlantis

Starting Location for “The Gates of Atlantis” Quest

The Gates of Atlantis triggers automatically after finishing A Family’s Legacy quest on Thera Island.

Where to Find the Kythera Artifact (Cyclops)

Where To Find Kythera Artifact

You will need to finish the following quests:

  • “A God Among Men” (On Kythera Island);
  • “Left to Dye” (On Kythera Island);
  • “Stairway to Olympos” (On Kythera Island).

These quests will lead you to the Cyclops.

The recommended level for these quests is 50.

You will not find the Kythera Artifact on the island of Kythera. It is located on the opposite side of Greece on the Isle of Thisvi. This is a small island off the Southern Coast of Phokis. This is where the Cavern of the Forgotten Isle is located at. But you will need a key. And this is where the Island of Kythera comes into play.

You will have a lot of things to do in Kythera. But if you want to find the Kythera Artifact and to fight the Cyclops you need to make a beeline for Pilgrim Hill in the central part of Kythera. Look for the quest named “A God Among Men”. When you get close you will hear a man shouting near some crowd and a priestess. Speak to that man and he will ask you to help a god named Empedokles. You will find that “god” in Murex Fort just down the road.

That fort is a military camp and you will find that “god” in a wooden cell at the top of the camp. You should take out as many guards as you can because you will need to escort your target out of the fort.

Once he is safe, Empedokles will ask you to help him retrieve a special disk that’s the key to opening some big door that will allow him to get back to his family of gods.

The disk you need was taken by a soldier that is patrolling around the island. You can find him by running around and scouting with Ikaros. Once you find him, deal with him and return the key to Empedokles. That is the Key to Olympos. Empedokles will thank you and offer to take you on a trip to Olympus to meet his fellow gods. Once that conversation is over, your mission will update and you will be able to make your way to Cave of the Forgotten Isle to confront the Cyclops and take the Kythera Artifact.

To fight the Cyclops you should have a minimum level of 40.


Kythera island map

Where to Find the Forgotten Isle?

The Cave of the Forgotten Isle is on the Isle of Thisvi. It is located in the inlet between Boetia, Megaris, and Achaia. If you accidentally stumble upon this island earlier in your Odyssey, you will hear some ominous roars and face an impassable blockade. However, Empedokles will open the road to the island.

How to Beat the Cyclops?

Well, the story of your friend Empedokles will not end well. He will get crushed by the Cyclops and once the cutscene comes to a close you should bring the weapons out and start fighting. But be careful, this creature is really powerful. Your best option is to keep a poison DoT on the Cyclops to minimize his ability to doll out damage. Poison arrows, poison effect on your gear or Venomous Attacks skill all work like a charm.

The good thing about this creature is that he is slow. You just need to be careful, quick and precise. His weakness is his eye. You should shoot his eye with an arrow for an instant critical hit which will make him drop on his knee. This is an ideal moment to charge in for several melee attacks and kill him. Just wait for him to initiate a charge on you, dodge it and then shoot the eye with an arrow.

You will have to beat him in three phases of the fight. Every phase will be more difficult than the last one.

Dodge the debris, snap arrows at the Cyclops’ eye and avoid all the charges. He should go down.

Once the Cyclops is down, you will collect the Piece of Eden (The Kythera Artifact) and get rewarded with both a powerful engraving and the Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon. This is a legendary heavy bladed weapon that deals massive damage to bosses and elites.

Empedokles Assasins creed


Pieces of Eden in The World of The Assassins Creed

We were first introduced to a mysterious bright object known as a “Piece of Eden” through the adventures of Altair Ibn-La’Ahad in the original “Assassins Creed”.

A Piece of Eden is a technology created by an ancient and highly-advanced species of humanoid beings called Isu. They lived on Earth during the eponymous era, several millennia before the rise of humans. They made these strange artifacts to make them stronger and to control humans as slaves.

The history of this species is a mystery. They ruled the Earth over 77,000 years ago before some great catastrophe wiped them all out. By the point of that catastrophe, the Isu had been in a decade long war with humans led by Adam and Eve who wanted to free humanity from those overlords.

After the catastrophe, the Isu population decreased until they completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. Their legacy lives through myth and legend and it became a part of folklore and many human religions. Their “pieces of Eden” survived the great catastrophe and two groups of humans started searching for them – Assassins and Templars.

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