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Portable Gaming Console Coming From Microsoft



Portable Gaming Console Coming From Microsoft

Video games are a very lucrative business idea that can make you a fortune. It is an intensive venture, but a very profitable one, especially if you can penetrate the market. In other words, it can make you rich when you know what you are doing and when you are trying to get ahead of the competition. Microsoft is not ahead of its competition when it comes to gaming handheld devices. But, it seems like they are planning to uncover the newest project they have been working on for a long time – their very own handheld console. There have been rumors going around for a long time, but is this true?

The world of portable game consoles includes Nintendo’s Nintendo DS, Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone which can be used as a game console, and Sony’s PSP. And people are now saying that the new Zune will play games. I mean, I know that Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the iPod but this rumor is nothing we haven’t heard before. They said that Zune will be able to grab your Xbox Live content, let you access the marketplace, make purchases on the Zune store, and play games. These are the rumors but who knows!?

The Very First Pictures of the ZuneX

zunex Console

Allegedly, these are the “spy pics” taken at a PowerPoint presentation during some conference. They were published on the US blog Mimbee. What you can see on these photos is the new ZuneX mobile phone (aka ZX-1000). We don’t know if the photos are fake or legit, and we also don’t know if the rumored specs are legit either.

ZuneX Rumored Specs

  • 4-inch display at 640 x 363 resolution;
  • Intel LV Atom DualCore 733MHz Processor;
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Custom NVIDIA BLowFish chipset;
  • 40 hours of music, 14 hours of watching videos, 9 hours of gaming and 6 hours of gaming with wireless ON;
  • 4 analog buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, an analog stick attachment;
  • 32GB of storage;
  • Support for Bluetooth headphones;
  • SIM Card Tray;
  • Xbox Live Arcade Games;
  • ZuneX Originals;
  • OnLive Ready game streaming (hardly but ok);
  • WMV, H.264, MPEG-4 and DivX support.

Too Good to be True

Judging by all the rumors surrounding this “portable gaming device” its release seems like “too good to be true”. Furthermore, as some of our friends pointed out, the “leaked” photos look a bit off. The buttons look flat, PowerPoint presentation’s coloring is a bit off, some of the areas from the photos look like they were “masked out”, and many other smaller details.

You should also know that this is not the only rumor about the upcoming E3. We have already started dreaming about the “slimmed-down” PS3 model, our palms are sweating because of the possible new Metal Gear Solid game, and everyone’s expecting some new motion controllers from Microsoft to compete with Wii. What else do you want? And what do you think about the new “phone/ portable gaming console”? I mean, if this is true, and if they can pack all that power into a device that small, then we are looking at a new generation of handheld devices.

Is ZuneX coming out?! Is it coming out soon? Well, we look forward to your comments about this one!

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