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FIFA 12 Will Be More Realistic



FIFA 12 Will Be More Realistic

FIFA is not perfect but has been a good enough rival to PES for years. Both games have progressed well on the new generation of console, attracting more and more fans. However, something is kind of special with this year. First of all, both developers are trying to implement their new graphical and “impact” engines. And this detail is something that will either make these games better or break them.

New Game Engine

A collision engine or physics engine is computer software that provides an approximate simulation of certain physical systems. It is a series of calculations based on which objects on-screen interact with each other. And since the developers always try to make their games better (in Konami’s case, they do that every single year), the changes will make you learn how to play FIFA 12 all over again! This will (maybe) improve how all the tackles act. Each contact between two or more players will be different and calculated separately based on a character’s stats, speed, and angle of contact. This will add to the realism of the game.

Player’s Intelligence

EA has also promised a new improved AI which aims to fix the problem of predictability. You will not be able to predict every play the AI is planning to make. In an AI midfielder is, for example, running down the sideline, it will not make the easiest pass but make the decision based on several factors. The AI will try to use teammates’ best attributes as frequently as possible during the game.

FIFA Will be More Immersive

Gary Patterson from the EA Sports has revealed that they are planning to make FIFA 12 the most immersive sports video game ever. FIFA series boss David Rutter revealed details of some of the new features and improvements. He said that they improved news and transfer engines, better scouting, and reworked players’ stories, form, morale, and growth.

FIFA 12 will most likely be released sometime in late September or early October like its predecessors.

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