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Race Pro Track Reveal – Circuito da Boavista, Porto




Companies Atari and Simbin have just released their new trailer for the upcoming Porto track. Race Pro will allow you to drive on this legendary track also known as Circuito da Boavista. This is a street circuit in Porto, Portugal that was used two times for the Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix.

The original track was built in 1958, the same year in which the first Grand Prix was held on this track. The course began at the harbor-front “Esplanada do Rio de Janeiro”, and continued on “Avenida da Boavista”. This is how the track got its name in the first place. After the Avenida da Boavista, the track twisted its way through small neighborhoods back to the start/ finish line.

This track will take you at high speeds across tramlines, past tiny houses, over cobblestoned streets to the finish line. And don’t expect it to be easy. It’s extremely difficult to overtake an opponent while trying to navigate through those narrow roads and not hit any of the houses on the way. This is why you need to be really careful when trying to overtake other racers and not end up in someone’s backyard.

The track was famous in 1958 because of one incident and an act of good sportsmanship by Stirling Moss. His countryman and rival Mike Hawthorn was disqualified for bump starting his stalled car downhill in the opposite direction on the way to a second-place finish. Moss persuaded the stewards not to disqualify Hawthorn, keeping the second place, and 6 points, for Hawthorn who would eventually win the drivers championship by 1 point over Moss.

The circuit was rebuilt and revived in 2005 and shortened a bit from the original layout. It is now 4.8km long. The organizers are planning to keep the schedule and organize events every two years.

Race Pro is a racing simulation video game developed by SimBin Studios and published by Atari. It is an Xbox 360 exclusive game. Developers describe this game as having “ultra-realistic car models” and engines that go from 200hp to 1000hp.

The game uses a brand new Lizard game engine and it is far better than other games developed by SimBin and their old engine Gmotor.

Tracks that are available in this game are those that were used in the 2007 WTCC and they can all be played in offline and online modes in wet and dry conditions with up to 16 cars.

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