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What We Learned From Far Cry 3 Launch Trailer



Far Cry 3 teaser

I remember one “small insignificant game” that came out a few years ago. The game itself takes place in a modern-day Central – African nation during some dangerous civil war. The player in this game takes control of a mercenary tasked to locate an arms dealer known by the name The Jackal who is selling guns to both sides of the civil war. That’s practically the entire story. However, underneath that simple story, there was complete freedom of movement, the character’s struggle with malaria, weapon’s degradation (which eventually starts jamming even during intense fights), continuous roaming over all kinds of African landscapes and hours upon hours of the adventure you alone create as a player. This kind of gameplay was something I hadn’t seen before. And yeah, we are talking about Far Cry – the sequel to be more precise.

This game gave you a world to explore and to approach problems according to your play style. You had to walk a lot but it was a perfect game for most of us. And now we have the final (launch) trailer for the next chapter of this story.

Back in October, we learned that driving around the island of Far Cry 3 won’t be “chore” as some of the players saw it in the previous Far Cry game. And according to the trailer, the game will have many team-based gameplay features. You will be able to play in multiplayer against other players and in co-op. The game will also feature something similar to the killstreaks we saw in Call of Duty games in the form of team-support weapons.

As far as the story goes, you play as a young American man named Jason Brody who is trying to free his friends from pirates who kidnapped them during their “beautiful” vacation. He gets involved with Rakyat who are native people on that island and, in return for their help, he gets to help them reclaim the island. During this adventure, you will fight against the pirates but you will also have to engage other dangers like wild animals. Can you imagine planning your first attack against a dozen of deadly pirates, crawling through bushes, trying not to be seen, just to be attacked by a deadly tiger or a bear or a snake, bat, boar… or a chicken? And yeah, you will also have to hunt those animals to make better equipment and… Oh, you will fly! There is a moment in this trailer in which the main character jumps off the cliff and you can see that he is flying with a wingsuit.

In the trailer, you also meet Vaas Montenegro who is the main antagonist of this game (probably). Well, you can see in all the trailers, fan art, boxes, etc. Even though he is an antagonist, he is already becoming the fan-favorite.

Far Cry 3 is an open-world first-person shooter game just like its predecessor, but it is going back to that tropical setting we had in the first Far Cry. The game is also very open to how you choose to deal with things and this means that you can attack everyone with almost anything. You can throw rocks, customize your weapons, silently take down enemies with bow and arrow or blow everyone and everything to pieces. I know that I will try the “quiet” approach, but who knows!?

Far Cry 3 will be available on November 30th, 2012.

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